Expect to hear from God, to learn the Bible, and to meet people committed to Christ.

Whether you've attended church your whole life or never stepped foot in one before, we know it's not easy visiting a church for the first time. Where do I go? Where should I park? How should I dress? How long does it last? What about my kids?

We want to welcome you and for you to feel valued. Here are some FAQ's to help you know what to expect:


We meet every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. The meeting lasts till noon.


New Covenant Church Campus is at 1401 Timberlake Manor Pkwy. Chesterfield, Missouri. We're just a stone's throw from Chesterfield Mall and right off of hwy 40. Click here for a map and directions (MAP ICON)


When you arrive, you will be greeted by our awesome hospitality team. They will assist you with checking in your kids for the children's ministry if you choose to have them in the classes. Or, you are welcome to keep you children with you during the meeting. There is free coffee available in the foyer prior to the meeting. Feel free to come early to meet everyone, the doors open at 9:30.


Absolutely. You're welcome to join the prayer team before the meeting at 10:00 in the Fellowship Room, or, if you have a prayer request, please click here to send it to us and we'll start praying now: (PRAYER ICON)


We care more about you than with what you wear, so don’t be under pressure about your clothes. At New Covenant, you'll find that most people dress casually in everyday clothes or dress up somewhat out of honor for the Lord's worship and for God's people. Meeting together is relaxed but important, so the preacher usually wears a tie.


We want you to know Jesus and His gospel. So, we try to unfold the timeless truths of the Bible in a way that is engaging and applicable to your life. You will find that the messages are practical, easy to understand, and grounded in Scripture. If you don't have a Bible, we'd love to give you one as a gift. If you forget one, we have several you can borrow. Want to listen to a sermon to see what they sound like? Check them out here: (SERMON ICON)


The music is full of life! We don't have an organ. Our live band loves worshipping with all the tools we have like guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. The purpose of the music is to focus on Jesus and praise God for His awesome majesty. We think of the music like sung prayers that we can pray in unison to worship. So, we want the music to connect with you but not the THE feature of the meeting. 


Communion, also called "The Lord's Supper" or "Eucharist" in some traditions is a meal that Jesus commanded us to share together. This is simple bread and wine (we have grape juice available too). During this meal we remember that Jesus is our God, King, Savior, and Sustainer. Jesus said that we should eat the bread together to signify and remember His body broken for us on the cross to make peace with God. We drink a sip of wine to remember that Jesus' shed blood, His death and resurrection, has secured our forgiveness from sin. The meal proclaims the Lord's death until He comes again. For this reason, we ask that only believers participate in the communion by eating a drinking. It is OK to stay with us in the meeting and not partake of the bread or wine. Also, we literally share the bread together to remember our unity in Christ and to encourage one another in the Lord. You don't have to eat any bread if someone offers it to you. They are doing so in recognition that our faith in Christ is our unity together in the gospel. 


We love kids! We also realize that parts of the church meeting, like the sermon, might be over their heads. So, We have a children's' program to teach kids the Bible on their level.


Babies and toddlers age 0-Kindergarten have classes that last the entire meeting. You can check them in and take them back to their class in the kid's wing of the building beginning at 10:15 and pick them up after the meeting. They will receive a lesson, play-time, and songs with the vetted volunteers from our church. These are known and trusted individuals from within the church.

Elementary school:

The 1st -4th graders stay with the adults in the main meeting until after the singing portion and communion. Then, the leadership will pray for them and they'll follow teachers back to their classes. The program is designed to teach the kids foundations of the Christian faith to point them to Christ and begin to see how a relationship with Jesus should be lived out.

Middle School:

5th-8th grade rotate every other week having lessons. So, the first week they remain with the adults through the entire meeting. The next week they remain through the singing and communion before following a teacher to the Youth room for a lesson at their level. This is focused on living out the Christian faith through the gospel by knowing and serving God.

Click here for more information about the Next Gen ministry: (NEXT GEN ICON)


We want to make sure that youth know that we care for them and want to see them grow. We also want to support and help parents as they teach and mentor their kids. Our youth group called "United" because we want the youth to be a strong part of the church and not outside of it. We are untied in relationship and by our faith in Christ. Once a month our United Youth have an event where we create an environment and opportunity to make new friends, learn the Bible, and worship Christ. Casual dress, and relaxed atmosphere during the New Covenant Sunday Worship Celebration makes for the perfect place for teens to worship God and grow in their faith. For this reason, we encourage all teens to participate and serve in the main Sunday gathering.

 Click here for more information about Youth Ministry: (YOUTH ICON)


During the week, The New Covenant has different activities meant to build community and create accountability as we grow in Jesus. We offer Men's and Women's groups that meet midweek as well as prayer and teaching on having a biblical worldview. This training to think biblically is called "Paradigm Shift" and is designed to discuss a topic as a group to determine what the Bible says about it. For instance, we have discussed news-stories, racism, parenting, etc… These meetings happen on a rotating Wednesday schedule as follows:

1st Wed: Men's Meeting

2nd Wed: Prayer Meeting

3rd Wed: Ladies' Meeting

4th Wed: Paradigm Shift

What if I have more questions?

We'd love to hear from you. Click here to email us: (EMAIL ICON)