Historical Timeline


1968 - The church begins as New Covenant Fellowship meeting in schools and eventually an old firehouse in St. Louis, Missouri. Bob Beckett was the senior pastor. Serving with Bob was Ron Tucker, and Kent Henry.

1971 - Bryn and Keri Jones met a the Firehouse with Bob Beckett, Ken Roberson, Chuck Taylor, Bob Rodgers, and Dan Grierson to begin working together in Covenant Ministries International (CMI).

 1974 - The "SheepShed" was completed. This was the church's first building located in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

1977 - Bryn Jones becomes senior pastor. Serving with Bryn were Don Silbur, Mike Stevens, and Steve Ottolini.

1980 - Mike Stevens becomes senior pastor. Serving with him are Terry Brooks, Malcolm McGee, John Johnson, Mike Hayden, Jim Butler, Gary Johnson, and Mike Bickle.

1980 - Help International begins as a mission arm with Bryn Jones and CMI

1984 - "SuperGang" children's musical and record were produced at NCC with Kent Henry.

1989 - Steve Ottolini becomes senior pastor. Serving with Steve was Mike Hayden, Bill Hartley, Doug Hon, John Johnson, Gary Johnson, Mary Brant, and Jeanie Medaris.

1990 - NCC begins "Love-In-Action" to serve the poor in St. Louis. Isaac Little helped lead the program.

1992 - The Go-Team is established to train leaders and bring in international students for ministry training.

1994 - The Go-Team becomes Covenant Discipleship Training (CDT), which is founded to train international leaders with Covenant Ministries International. Leaders included Paul Barker, Paul Wynn, Joe Radin, and Dan Romer.

1994 - St. Peters congregation is planted, Tom Kyle pastoring.

1995 - O'Fallon congregation is planted, Darrin Kassebaum pastoring.

1996 - the SheepShed (Maryland Heights building) is sold and New Covenant West County, North County, St Peters, O'Fallon, and Lindenwood Outreach are officially operating. Leaders included: Mike Hayden, Jim Zilinsky, Darrin Kassebaum, Bill Hartley, Paul Wynn, Gavin Deacon, Greg Frankee, Jeremy Trentham, and Dan Romer.

1997 - Dr. Steve Ottolini is recognized as an apostolic ministry and begins Covenant Family Churches and Covenant Leadership Training Institute in tandem with Bryn Jones and CMI. Training begins in Zambia to train elders and pastors with Adam Kayeba and Japhet Sayifwanda.

1998 - Covenant Family Churches begins work in India with Rajib Arohan.

2001 - Covenant Family Churches begins work in Zimbabwe with Ezron Chifamba.

2006 - North County congregation splits to become independent, NCC begins puling back together to restructure.

2006 - Troy congregation planted under Darrin Kassebaum. Core families included: Adams, Wells, Lohrmanns, and Houbergs.

2007 - Mike Hayden becomes senior pastor. Serving with Mike was David Ottolini, Jon Bennett, Rick Perrymann.

2008 - NCC moves to 300 Siedentop in Weldon Spring, St Charles County, just outside St. Louis.

2008 - Covenant Family Churches Memphis congregation closes.

2009 - Steven Ottolini II becomes senior pastor of Troy congregation. Working with Steven were Bob Wells and Don Adam.

2012 - Covenant Family Churches begins partnering in Guatemala with our friend, Carlos Valasquez, and his congregation.

2014 - NCC moves back to Chesterfield, St Louis county at 1400 Timberlake Manor Pkwy.

2015 - Steven Ottolini II becomes senior pastor of Chesterfield Congregation. Working with Steven are David Ottolini and Jerry Nance. 

2015 - Mike Hayden begins focused, international work leading Living Hope International, Covenant Family Churches charity arm, as well as spearheading work to train international leaders through Covenant Leadership Training Institute. 

2017 - Covenant Family Churches begins work with Prabir in Najiri in India.

2018 - Covenant Family Churches begins working in Pakistan with Khalid Anjum leading.

2021 - Covenant Family Churches plants first church in Guatemala, William Oacha pastoring.

2022 - CLTI Pakistan Institute trains first class of CLTI Pakistan students.

2022 - Troy merges with New Covenant to become NCC - Troy. Dr. Steve Ottolini leading Troy, working with Steve is Jeff Adam, Phil Lohrmann, and Roy Krauss.