We're building the church by building-up individuals. This means that we point our lives toward Christ, grow in relationship with Him, glorify Him with our work and attitudes, confess sin quickly, forgive one another, encourage each other with the Bible, hold each other accountable, press each other on toward good works because of our mutual love for Jesus.

Build with us.

That starts with joining the church.

Being a member of the church isn't like joining a gym. The Bible describes the church as a household of faith, as the bride of Christ, as a holy dwelling place for God, as a family of believers. So, joining the church requires relationship and shared vision together of who Jesus is and what He has called us to do (this is called "revelation"). Our heart is that every Christian be joined and committed to the Body of Christ expressed in His local church where you are cared for, serve, and are accountable.

Joining the church requires relationship and revelation.

First, you must have relationship with Jesus. You must fully embrace the gospel and trust Christ for your salvation. Without a testimony of faith in Jesus, you cannot be a member of the church.

 Second, you must desire to be a member of the Body and at least begin to see what we see. That means that you not only believe in Jesus but that you want to grow in Him and you want to connect with the congregation to do so. That means that you agree to receive from the leadership guidance, teaching, and accountability while also committing to model the Bible's depiction of living together in the church as discussed in the "Church 101" discussion.

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